The Romulus Light Parade

light-parade3 The Annual Romulus Rotary Parade of Lights is set for Friday, September 16, 2016 and begins at 8pm. The parade route is from the Romulus City Hall parking lot at Wayne and Goddard Road, west on Goddard Road to the Romulus Progressive Hall on Ozga.


This very cute night parade is fun for everyone.  Get there early, find your spot and visit with friends while you waitlight-parade-2 for the fun.


Cars and trucks of all kinds lit with lights slowly make their way down the parade route for you to see.  People walking in the parade often have glow in the dark apparel, glow bracelets and more.  The creativity is clever and interesting to see.


One new entry has been created this year and a First Place cash prize of $100 will be awarded to winners in each category.


The categories of floats are:


  1. Commercial – Any float entry advertising a business will be considered in this category. This might also include any entry that has paid employees helping in the creation of the float.


  1. Motorized – Any non-commercial float entry that is motor powered. This would include churches, family floats, and nonprofit organizations.


  1. Non-Motorized – Any non-commercial float entry that in NOT motor powered. This might include horses, bikes, or groups of people walking in the parade.


  1. Classic Car – Any classic car, including trucks, buses and other forms of transportation.


  1. Live Music – Marching Bands and/or floats with live music/entertainment.


  1. School – Any entry that might be created and affiliated or advertised as a school. This might include the Romulus High School, Barth Elementary, Halecreek Elementary, Summit Academy, etc.


Many people picnic, dance, and tailgate.  It’s very friendly.


Rebecca Eller, mother of Aiden 9, recommends bringing a grocery bag for each kid to hold their goodies collected from the parade participants.  She also suggests bringing your own bag of candy, so if your little ones are overlooked you can toss some out while they aren’t looking and ensure they get treats too.  She also says she stops at the dollar store and stocks up on glow in the dark necklaces so the kids can get in the spirit.



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