The Rapture

The Rapture Detroit EDMThe Rapture: Heaven & Hell Costume Party was at the Works in Detroit, Friday Sept 26th, 2014.  Promoters Pulsegroove & Headliners Ent. brought in headliners Riot Ten & Jack Bass from TX.

Featuring talented local DJ’s such as DJ Dock, Untouchable, Panic Attack, Aich, Perrbear, Antx, BradAttacK, TJ Monte, Sin, Ayinde, Drum Master Mike, Sinister Assault, Sonic Femme, Van Weezy, Minion, Dash Riot, Philthy Phil, Zeus, A2cid and Diesel Punk.

Rapture 268

DJ Dock rocking the crowd.

Many guests wore costumes such as angels, devils, there was even a priest and a nun in the midst.

There was a crowd when the event opened it’s doors at 9pm and the venue had to shove people out at the end.  Nobody wanted to leave it seemed.

There was dancing into the wee hours and there was even some breakdancing on the patio! As this party rocked three stages of DJ’s at once.

Visuals were provided by VJ Strokenfold and photography was provided by The Best of Detroit.


Photos can be located on our facebook photo album at


Riot Ten & Jack Bass

Riot Ten & Jack Bass

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