Pranks on Detroit

_jerryvile criscoWith the bankruptcy of the city of Detroit, the pending legal issues, and the debate to auction off our DIA assets comes a wave of pranks.  A giant can of Crisco was placed anonymously at the base of The Monument to Joe Louis or “The Fist” as its known locally, after the city filed for bankruptcy July 18th.   The city quickly removed the art piece which was credited to local artist Jerry Vile.  The “Vessel of Hope” as the piece was called, was a naughty wink at easing the pain the city was being caused by the bankruptcy.

Vile, infamous Detroit provocateur, founder of the Dirty Show*, and former publisher of the Orbit magazine wasn’t finished with Vessel of Hope.

DetroitBankruptcyJerryVileAn ad in the Metro Times was a hint at this to come when this morning the biggest prank of all was found all over the city.  Jerry, Rick Manore and their merry band of mischief makers attached large neon Sale signs all over city property and landmarks.  The tags said SALE and “Motor City Going Out of Business Sale.”   Sale signs were found on the The Thinker, light poles, parking meters, the Spirit of Detroit statue, the Belle Isle Fountain, to name just a few.

You have to love Detroiters who can smile in the face of adversity and make everyone smile with them.  Bravo Vile and Crew.  We are looking forward to what you have up your sleeve next.


The Ebay Auction for Vessel of Hope ended at $1300.00.

* The Dirty Show is in it’s 14th year.  A celebrated erotic art show that has grown to be one of the largest showcases of erotic art in the world.

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