Making a Difference

greenThe simple sharing of a video on FaceBook by Christian Draheim of the Infatuations and Ty Stone and the Truth made our day.  We love the story of Vanita Mistry who is the owner of Detroit Greencycle.  As many of you in the city of Detroit know, there is no curbside recycling.  Mistry provides that service for a nominal fee and in a completely green way.  She uses a bike and a pull behind little trailer to go from house to house often riding as much as 6 miles a day, leaving no carbon footprint.

She collects the recycling & compost, then bicycles them to the recycling center.  She pulls as much as 300lbs at a time. Detroit Greencycle can currently be found in Corktown and Woodbridge.  Detroit Greencycle is hoping to expand to other neighborhoods as soon as the demand is there.

Watch the video and make sure to visit her webpage.  The site is simple, earnest and even has a little wink of a joke in one of the tabs.

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