Fire and Ice!

Written by Katie Fay

Scott Van Sice

Fire performer Scott Van Sice.

Downtown Wyandotte’s theme for their February third Friday. Daring the people of downriver to beat the cold, Wyandotte had provided warm tented areas for people to enjoy music, drinks and just outside the tent they could watch amazing Fire performers.

The fire performers Scott Van Sice and Chuck Clark wowed the crowds with daring fire manipulation. I asked Chuck why he performs. “I perform cause i love making people smile and the joy it brings people if just for a little while.” I asked him what the best part was.  “My favorite part about Friday was the people that came out to be a part of the event, super fun audiences, talking to people telling them about what we do.”

Chuck has been professionally performing for 6 years. I asked Scott about the evening he said he got a “great impression [of the city], nice downtown.” Everything was, “Local and lively, with open people” While everything was local and lively Scott was just that, interacting with the crowd spinning flaming rope darts, hula hoops , torches, and even breathing and eating fire. “I love what I do.”

Which he must since it’s no easy task staying outside for hours in single digit temperatures. “When you’re working with fire, you can always find a way to heat yourself up.” Even the parents of the excited children were astounded by the dangerous acts. While watching Scott and Chuck perform, 3rd Friday goers could take pictures with beautifully sculpted ice.  Sitting on a Giant formed thrown, or peeking their heads through faceless, hooded masterpieces. All through the day family fun was had, whether it was watching the sculptures take form, riding the Wyandotte Trolley, taking carriage rides, or going inside to listen to music at Tongues Coffee Shop and grabbing hot chocolate.

As the night winded down and children went home, Wyandotte’s businesses were still packed with fun times. While at Captain’s bar on Oak street I found the Fire Ball shot girls cooling their shots with a sculpted Fireball whiskey themed Ice Luge. Passing out T-shirts, and icy hot shots it made for a great

Letticia Perez and Elizabeth Stein

Letticia Perez and Elizabeth Stein

time for all patrons at Captains and The Stone Pub.  Just another way Wyandotte Brought Fire to Ice.

With the weather getting warmer soon there is sure to be more fun times held in Wyandotte. Until then you’ll find fire artists Scott and Chuck Every Monday at the Detroit Fire Collective in Detroit and also at the Flow Jo in Ann Arbor. If you’re looking to add some fire to your life, find your flow, or just have a great time with open people I suggest checking them out. Scott teaches the art of manipulation, I asked why. “I wanted to help people find their flow. It brings me joy, performing found me it’s not something I pursed. It just happened.” Maybe he can help you find your flow.

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