The FTC (the Federal Trade Commission) has mandated that any blogger, celebrity, etc. who received compensation for a review of a product has to say so.

In regular speak…

If we get swag to check out, if we go to lunch somewhere and they pick up the tab, if we get cash for writing an article about a place, we have to tell you.

Our opinions are always our own, while we may take the time to write and check something out if they hook us up, we still honestly review it.

So, if a restaurant emails us and asks us to come in for a free lunch and put them on our site, if someone sends us a CD of their awesome band, if someone makes us a costume t-shirt to wear in our pictures, we have to disclose that to you.  Even if a link to a product we love earns us .50 cents, we have to tell you.

So, to save us all a headache, just assume every thing you read or see on the site is an endorsement so we can move on and be in compliance.

With that said, send us all the offers and bribes you like!


Best FTC Disclosure page we’ve seen yet.

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