Detroit Tiger’s Opening Day 2012

Detroit Tiger’s Fans

Opening Day in Detroit is pretty much a city holiday.  People take the day off, they call in sick and they come out in great spirits whether they have a ticket to the Tiger’s game or not.  We began our day at the ever popular Cheli’s with two of our favorite DJ’s DJ Mark EP and DJ Nick Nader.  At 10am there was already a line to get inside.

We made our way over to the Town Pump Tavern to visit another favorite, DJ ZigZag.  It was a little slower over here, but everyone was in great spirits and the food smelled amazing.  We had to sample a little something.

Then it was off to the Fillmore’s free concert with Pistol Day Parade.  This place was jam packed with a 5 deep line to the bars.  After an impressive concert by PDP the Fillmore brought down a screen the size of the stage to play the Tiger’s first home game against Boston.  Surprisingly the crowd didn’t thin out much and it was still wall to wall people cheering wildly.

24 GrilleLunch at 24 Grille

Next we slid into Grille 24 with the WRIF girl, Stacy Walden, and crew for some much needed lunch and cocktails.  Grille 24 just doesn’t do anything less than excellent food.  We watched the game and dined in luxury.

The WRIF crew was broadcasting from The Park bar, so we happily tagged along.  The Tiger’s won 3-2 to the delight of the fans watching in the tent at Park bar.  There were many high fives.  Live music from Inside Outlaws kicked off the after party.  We spotted Christian Draheim from the Infatuations in the crowd.

The city was crowded with Tigers fans dressed in all different festive outfits.  We made a few more rounds before ending up back at Town Pump Tavern who

Party at Town Pump Tavern
DJ ZigZag gets the party cranking.

we vote best after party!  The place was wall to wall people enjoying the sun, enjoying the food, drinking and most of all dancing to the amazing DJ ZigZag.  ZigZag had the entire party dancing with hands in the air.  MC Mike Londeau hyped the crowd to a frenzy so Hot at Your Spot could capture it on film.  A wonderful end to a wonderful day.  We can’t wait until next year.

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